What a difference days make!

So, what’s the difference days make to landscape images? The above photograph is of Crawley Tower: a medieval Pele tower surrounded by fortified buildings overlooking Powburn in north Northumberland UK. I took the photograph on 26 February 2018. The lowering, early evening winter sunshine clearly brightens the scene.

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Snow composed sheep

Continuing the snow shots theme, the above is a recent photo of composed sheep in the fields above Powburn, Northumberland UK.


adjective: calm

verb: made or formed by having combined things parts or elements

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Enter here…and see what you can see!

Taken on the climb up the lane towards Crawley Tower in Powburn, Northumberland UK. Enter here – through this gate – pass through this fence – across this boundary – leave the trees behind – just what can you see in this oh, snow simple landscape?

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End of the Dene

I TOOK THE ABOVE image at the end of the dene – at the end of the old, disused railway line at Crawley Dene, Powburn, Northumberland UK. The recent Siberian Bear has turned it into a magical place where the snaa looks like fairy lint.

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Contour Study

Hawthorns in snow

Along the ‘horse road’ in Powburn, Northumberland UK today, the hawthorns created bold, striking architectural shapes against the white back board of snow-covered fields – and ideal opportunity for a contour study…

A study of shape, structure and negative space.

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Snow shots added

The current highly unusual Beast from the East weather conditions sweeping Europe have left north Northumberland UK covered in a thick blanket of snow. I’ve managed to get out and about along the Breamish Valley and take some tricky snow shots, sometimes in very inclement conditions.

So…I’ve added some of the more minimalist shots to the landscapes portfolio – entitled Oh, Snow Simple.

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