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Roughting Linn

North Northumberland, UK

Photographed this ‘hidden’ gem yesterday. There’s an approximately 4-mile walk from nearby Ford to get to the Roughting Linn Waterfall.

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What a difference days make!

So, what’s the difference days make to landscape images? The above photograph is of Crawley Tower: a medieval Pele tower surrounded by fortified buildings overlooking Powburn in north Northumberland UK. I took the photograph on 26 February 2018. The lowering, early evening winter sunshine clearly brightens the scene.

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Snow composed sheep

Continuing the snow shots theme, the above is a recent photo of composed sheep in the fields above Powburn, Northumberland UK.


adjective: calm

verb: made or formed by having combined things parts or elements

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Enter here…and see what you can see!

Taken on the climb up the lane towards Crawley Tower in Powburn, Northumberland UK. Enter here – through this gate – pass through this fence – across this boundary – leave the trees behind – just what can you see in this oh, snow simple landscape?

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